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Art of Edmond Alexander

Filmographs are short films designed to motivate, entertain and educate. They are often used to kick off Symposiums, Conventions Events, and Presentations.

George Lucas was reported to have produced a a short film combining only pictures and music during his during his film studies at UCLA. His student assignment captured the interest of his faculty and fellow students and this was determined to be a new film form. He dubbed the completed short film a “filmograph,” a 1+1=3 synergy of short image sequences cut to music.

Filmographs have been my favorite film form for nearly forty years. Clients have included, in Texas, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Dallas, Intermedics/Keith Kasnot, Ross Perot of EDS, Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Robert A. Wilson Associates, documentarian filmmaker Stephen Ives, filmmaker Gordon Blocker, Radio Shack, and M.L. and Nelson Productions, Ft Worth.

More recently I have created an exhibit movie for Varian Surgical Sciences and a series of introduction filmographs to introduce a leading Miami plastic surgeon who lectures extensively at international plastic surgery symposiums.